Why Wishtique?

Have you ever done something and not anticipated the impact it would have on your life? Have you ever just fallen into a group of people and never been able to imagine life without them?

When I founded Wishtique, I set out to enable women to surround themselves in a unique shopping environment that revealed the beauty in themselves by trying on pieces that are uniquely designed to highlight their beauty from the inside out. It wasn't a focus on the fashion it was a focus on the individuals.


Ironically, I started this company when I was at a personal crossroads. I was 35 and I needed a career and a life change. I turned to my sister, Megan (my person in life) to share my fears and she, as she always does, reminded me exactly of who I am. I am a person that takes risks, believes in the good, roots for the underdog, and loves to create. She encouraged me to take a leap of faith and follow my dreams of creating a company that focuses on the person, the beauty from within, and the story they have to share. It was at this point that I founded Wishtique, a company not just about clothing, but rather a company that lives out a bigger philosophy behind the brand.


Megan and I instantly jumped into our own perfect roles, I concentrate on buying, designing and branding, while Megan is the forward-facing organizer of all events as well as leading our team of "Shop Sisters". The amazing team of "Shop Sisters" are women that have joined Megan and I over the growth of Wishtique and love not only the clothes but our message of individual inner beauty. Before we knew it, Megan and the "Shop Sisters" have brought Wishtique into 5 markets with "Pop Up" Events monthly consistently connecting with the women I founded this business for. These women host their friends or a charity of their choosing from all different areas and bond together over conversations, laughs, and fashion.


As I reflect on the growth of the company and the changes that we have gone through (closing of our physical location in order to focus solely on our "Pop Up' Events and the launching of our ecommerce business) I see that we are exactly where we are supposed to be to serve the ladies I started it all for.


I feel honored, blessed and humbled each time I see these amazing women coming together at our events. The smiling faces, women embracing each other when they connect with someone they haven't seen for a while, the encouraging friend giving fashion tips or advice to her girlfriend, and the women gathering for a glass of wine and a meal after shopping. These are moments that make me pinch myself at how blessed I am and remind me Wishtique is exactly what I had dreamed it would be and so much more.

November 06, 2017 by Kathleen Terrien