Hey ladies, I know how it is to feel like you have too many plates spinning at once. However, I also know that the plates we spin rarely drop, and when they do we make the pieces into something even more beautiful. That's our superpower: we can do anything. I also know the juggling act can be overwhelming. Trust me, like you I'm a wife, a business woman, and the cheerleader that makes it to every one if my kids' games. Sometimes it seems like the much needed "me-time" isn't in the cards, but hey, even Wonder Woman needs to take a little time for herself (how else could her hair so perfect?).
That's why I created Wishtique. Wishtique is my passion for fashion design and empowering other women fused together into a line that gives every woman the chance to feel beautiful. My goal for Wishtique is for it to showcase the beauty in all of us. And come on, who doesn’t want to feel pretty? We all deserve to feel beautiful, and Wishtique enables the modern woman to feel that way – inside and out! Wishtique is all of the latest trends you see in the magazines, online and in the boutiques  – without the price tags to match. My wish is for you to feel as beautiful, empowered, and fabulous as you truly are.
With love,


Katie is the brains behind this whole wonderful operation. Wishtique is the culmination of her love for fashion design and her passion for lifting other women up. Her 2 children are her world, and the only thing that brings more joy to her heart than Wishtique is the quality time she spends with them and her husband. She loves fashion because it's a creative outlet, both for her in her designs and for the wearer. Katie's style can be described as "classic chic," because staying on top of the latest trends is a huge part of her life, but she loves staple pieces. The Wishtique team as well as the women she is able to interact with daily brings her so much joy--but also inspire her to continue to create and share the best of herself with those that bring her so much happiness... Her Wish? To make each and every woman that wears her clothing feel as beautiful on the outside as she knows they are on the inside.



Megan is the original Shop Sister, and a mother of 2 that's on a mission to empower women and teach her daughters the importance of being strong and feeling beautiful inside and out. There isn't much in this world that is more important to her than family, which is where her part in Wishtique started. Before becoming a Shop Sister, she was a kindergarten teacher. She loved her job, but craved more time at home with her children. When Katie came to her with her idea for Wishtique, she jumped at the chance to help her follow her dreams. A few months later, she and Katie hosted their first Wishtique show at her home, and it's all history. She views fashion as an extension of one's self that gives women the opportunity to look good and feel good doing it. Her style can be described as "classic," as her favorite pieces never seem to go out of style. Her wish? To continue to work on empowering women and helping them feel beautiful.



Sara is a proud mom of 3 that has a laundry list of reasons that she loves being a Shop Sister! From meeting new people to helping someone find that perfect piece for themselves, she loves it all. She genuinely loves her job, and frequently uses air quotes when talking about her "work," because every day is a fun and fabulous adventure! Sara loves fashion because it helps people express themselves, and who we are is something that needs to be celebrated. When she isn't doing her thing as a Shop Sister, you can find Sara running, biking, or getting creative in the kitchen. Her style is "casual dressy," because trust us when we say, this girl can take the comfiest outfit and dress it up to the 10s! Her wish? For her family to be happy and healthy throughout the entirety of their lives.



Amy is a loving mother of 4, fashionista, and of course an indispensable member of the Shop Sister team. Her style can be described as "chic and effortless," as she can rock the heck out of a sundress or her favorite pair of jeans without even trying. She believes in the power of female friendships and feels blessed everyday for the unconditional support and love they bring with them. Her wish? To be a part of this crazy adventure for as long as she can.



Jen is a momma of 2, 3 if you count her fur baby Sully. When she isn't rocking her Shop Sister title, she's a freelance graphic designer that is constantly creating. Whether it be on her computer or with her hands, this lady has an eye for art and fashion. She loves that clothing is art you can wear and change daily. Her style is an extension of her personality, and we describe is as "comfy cute." She keeps active and dresses for the occasion, but always adds a touch of whimsy to express herself. Her wish? To help empower women so they can go about their daily life feeling good about themselves inside and out.